RTB Engineering, PC has been providing quality structural design services out of its Ashland, Virginia office since 1987. RTB possesses a broad range of design and field experience in nearly all types of construction materials including steel, concrete, masonry, and wood.  RTB focuses on identifying and mastering new and improved design and construction practices so as to be in a position to provide our clients with greater ranges of design options and ultimately a better return for his investment.  A close familiarity with the latest code provisions, especially in seismic and wind design, coupled with an extensive range of experience enables us to focus on identifying issues early in the design process that otherwise have the potential to significantly impact project costs and schedule.




If you would be interested in a structural consultant who can provide the following: 

  • A broad base of design and field experience in all types of construction materials and methods

  • A thorough design approach geared toward coordination and cooperation and dedicated to producing the most complete and efficient construction documents

  • A creative design staff with the ability to tackle your most difficult design problems 

then please consider a potentially rewarding association with RTB Engineering. Please review our portfolio for examples of our project experience.